Europe, Asia

Long term LNG purchase contract:  Arrangement of new business relationship through key government contacts (US$ 3 billion).


Reconstruction of Benguela railroad in Angola: Establishment of international consortium for 1.350 km of railroad track including Krupp and Finurba *

Middle East

Construction of new village on Farasan Island (US$ 5 m)

Saudi Arabia

Planning and delivery for Krupp Atlas in a joint venture with Thyssen Rheinstahl


Construction of 300 schools in Sudan: Facilitation of project through key government contacts. Fundraising and arrangement of financing by World Bank. Planning and delivery as main contractor (US$ 10 m).


Restitution of European farmers: Negotiation of contracts between African and European governments and farmers


Construction of villages for SOS-Kinderdorf: Government negotiations, fund raising, project management, and realization in Angola, Spain, Sao Tome, Panama, Haiti, Venezuela, Santo Domingo.

Reference of the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Reference of Chamber of Commerce Portugal Germany 2004 for Nils Peter Sieger

Reference of Chamber of Commerce Portugal Germany 2004 for Nils Peter Sieger

The „Camara de Comercio e Industria Luso-Alema“ (German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce) has issued the following reference of Nils Peter Sieger:

„To whom it may concern. Finurba, Lda. is a Portuguese real estate development company. Founded almost 40 years ago by Dipl. Ing. Dieter Kleinschmidt and Nils Peter Sieger, banker by profession.

Together with their affiliated company Tec-Tur, Lda. they were responsible for many major real estate projects in Portugal.

Mr. Kleinschmidt died 5 years ago, having been partner with Mr. Sieger for over 35 years.

We can confirm that Mr. Sieger as well as his company Finurba, Lda. has a good reputation and they are known for being experienced and responsible within the involved business.

Finurba is a member of our Chamber since 01.08.1967.

Lisbon, 30.06.2004“

Download the reference here: Nils Peter Sieger_Camara_Luso_Alema (IHK 2004)